• EDU 360 School Sandton, Johannesburg OURPATHWAYS
  • EDU 360 School Sandton, Johannesburg OURPATHWAYS
  • EDU 360 School Sandton, Johannesburg OURPATHWAYS
  • EDU 360 School Sandton, Johannesburg OURPATHWAYS

We find the perfect pathway to unlock each students' potential

There are so many different ways to get to the finish line.

We are pathfinders.

We create learning opportunities beyond the limits of the mainstream curriculum. We foster confidence beyond the duress of traditional education expectation. Our expert knowledge and international experience enable us to integrate interdisciplinary expertise to best support each student’s specific needs.

Every pathway is an opportunity for students across a range of presentations, functioning and ability to level the playing field, regardless of social standing, complexity of presentation or age.

Everyone can reach their unique potential in their own time, space and way, with the right support and relationships. Our students are supported fully, towards independence.

EDU360 Integrated Education is proudly independent without shareholders to please. Our independence means that our pathways are unique and talk to student functional age, which is materially different to the chronological age expectation of mainstream and remedial schools, and a world-a-way from the statistical limitations of commercial school group operations. We choose to design, create and manage our own accredited EDU360 pathways for our students to be successful as socially integrated citizens.

Supported fully,  towards independence.

The Pivot Pathway

The Pivot Pathway imparts core learning through real-life applications, in a way that engages and empowers students towards greater independence.  With established meaningful learning outcomes, the Pivot Pathway prepares students for a worthwhile life beyond school. 

We strengthen the core academic subjects including Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Science, Life Skills and Physical Education before we begin ASDAN (around the age of 15-17), which is an upper school level curriculum.

The Pivot Pathway nurtures students that are experiencing an ability or performance gap, drawing from the CAPS and UK-based curriculum. This combination guides students towards attaining fundamental academic and accredited life skills, to each students’ respective potential.  

Graduating from the Pivot Pathways gives a student an internationally recognised and fully Accredited Personal Development Programme (ASDAN) certificate.

ASDAN - Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network is an international award programme which offers a range of courses for students with a variety of learning abilities to support them in becoming more effective and prepared for the future. Each programme is designed to develop and officially recognise essential skills such as:

- Communicating
- Problem-solving and critical thinking
- Self-management and resilience
- Independence

- Emotional intelligence
- Participation
- Researching, planning and synthesis

The Academic Pathway

The Academic Pathway offers higher functioning neurodiverse students that are academically-oriented an opportunity to achieve a matric, using the same approach we employ across all pathways: 360°wrap-around support, identifying and employing all the tools needed for each individual to achieve in their own time and unique way.

Our EDU360 Academic Pathway works within the international education system run by Cambridge University, which is richly skills-based, less content-heavy, more applicable and offers more exam opportunities, alleviating the anxiety of a high-stake event, and providing the possibility of achieving university entrance.

We lobby for necessary concessions and champion our students through their studies and the process of internationally accredited external examination.

The Vocational Pathway

The Vocational Pathway offers SETA-accredited courses and qualifications to enter the world of work and become independent, valued members of society.

An alternative to a matric, a NQF Level 4 qualification in either Information Technology and Technical Support (ITTS) or Early Childhood Development (ECD) is what the Vocational Academy offers, with our same signature approach: providing complete 360°wrap-around support, identifying and employing all the tools needed for each individual to achieve in their own time and unique way.

Our curriculum, methodologies and understanding of how to manage barriers to learning and SEN, enables students to be job-ready and functional in the workplace. Our carefully considered approach accommodates and calms the fears of our students. We run our programmes at a manageable pace, which supports and enables our students to process, understand and apply key learning skills to the best of their ability.